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Case Study 

I am a Photographer and have traveled places in a previous life.

This project started with lockdown and boredom. I was suffering from some sort of  Lockdown Fever and one day was going through old photos missing traveling the world and photography and found some  imagery. I decided to design something with it combining my love for typography +  photography.  

Photography and Art Direction: Nadia Otake


How it all started.jpg

From scrolling through I found some photos of Paris, NYC and Milan.

Was reflecting about how influent and elegant these cities are.

How were they affected by COVID-19 and the lockdown.

Was reminiscing about my brief visits to the three places and how inspired I was while there

in design, fashion, photography and all creative means.

These cities are like Portals, you are transported somewhere else in life.

Either you become more creative, free in your fashion style, romantic and so on.

Nadia City in Portals Style Guide.jpg
NYC 1.jpg
NYC 2.jpg
Milan 1.jpg
Milan 2.jpg
Paris 1.jpg
Paris 2.jpg
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