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Case Study - Grace Quinoa Package Re-design

Grace foods was founded in 1922 in Jamaica. Nowadays it sells World Wide an estimate of 408 different food products. 

Due to the great use of plastic and its damage to the environment, the ideas was to proposed to Grace foods a different approach and more environmentally friendly packaging design starting by Quinoa.  

Art Direction & Design: Nadia Otake

Pretend Client: Grace Quinoa


The colours of Grace Foods have a caribbean style so it was decided to keep the same palette in order to match and keep its identity. 

The approach to packaging however was taken to a more modern look. Using cardstock in a creative way, the design was cut in a way to fit with the other competitors in shelves in measurement but the cut was made in the shape of the letter Q with a die cut in the middle covered with biodegradable transparent plastic so the customer can see the product inside. This way it reduces considerably the amount of plastic as compared with the previous package. 

Package Design 2.jpg
Package Design 2 – 1.jpg
Package Design 4.jpg
Package Design 6.jpg
Package Design 5.jpg
Quinoa Front package.jpg
Package Design 8b.jpg
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